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Business Storage

A thriving business can have a frustrating side. Keeping everything organised can be a nightmare and finding a place to store your stock not easy. We want to help you make this easier by offering custom business storage with easy flexible access so you can always get to your stock when you need it.

Not only stock storage but businesses can acquire a lot of items over the years that you may want to store out of the way for future use. Office supplies, point of sale displays, banners and furniture for example.  We can keep them all safe, secure and looking like new

Files and Records

filesOld accounting files can take up precious office space but you can't throw them out in case the tax man suddenly requests them. Let us store them for you

Moving Buildings?

If you are in the process of moving to a new office you may need to store some goods while everything is set up at the new office. You may also need to store some items if your new office is smaller or offers less storage space.

We can hold these goods for you for as long as you need.