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Home Storage

Couple-moving-houseThe most popular use of our storage is for people wanting to store their household belongings while they transition between houses.

We can help you make this stressful time as easy as possible. Our secure and convenient storage unit come in many sizes so you can get the perfect unit for you at the right price. We can provide you with a range of packaging materials to make the process even easier.

Our fully insured units mean your belongings are safe and secure for as long as you need.

Building and Decorating

If your house in undergoing building work you may want to store your furniture and breakables in a secure place. We can provide this service!

You may also want a place to store new fixtures and fittings until your builder is ready for them.

Leisure Items

You don't always have room to store larger items you own at home, they end up taking up a whole room or your garage. We can store anything you want from car roof storage boxes, trailers, canoes, boats etc.

Why let your house be overtaken by items you use once in a blue moon. Let us store them safely for you.

Home Business

Are you running a small business from home. Many people run successful ebay or eCommerce stores from home but they become so successful they need storage to store their stock. Our storage units provide the perrfect place to keep your stock secure and easily accesible, allowing you to expand your business to a size you never thought possible